14 Temmuz 2024
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The US military has reported conducting a new “collective self-defense” airstrike against al-Shabaab on March 10, killing 3 militants. @USAfricaCommand said the airstrike occurred in a remote area in the vicinity of Ugunji approximately 71 km southwest of Mogadishu. The initial post-strike assessment is that no civilians were harmed, according to AFRICOM statement
Al-Shabaab claims it overran a SNA position in Tarajante, Beledweyne, Hiraan, capturing weapons, ammunition, & other equipment from Somali government forces4 ay önce
Al-Shabaab claims it overran a SNA position in Tarajante, Beledweyne, Hiraan, capturing weapons, ammunition, & other equipment from Somali government forces
Somalia cabinet approves Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement with Turkey, Wednesday. Under the agreement Turkey will build, train and equip Somali navy. The agreement also boosts martime resources and blue economy. Somalia PM @HamzaAbdiBarre said the agreement removes “any fears of terrorism, piracy, illegal fishing, toxic dumping and any external violations or threats” to Somalia’s sea. @HamzaAbdiBarre described Turkey as “true and reliable brother.”When faced with danger, Somalia is not alone and not with out a brother, @HamzaAbdiBarre said.The agreement was signed in Turkey on February 8
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Suspected US drone strike hits Al-Shabab meeting in Kuntawarey district, Lower Shabelle region on Friday night. 7 militants, including senior leaders killed, per Somali military sources
Somalia is asking the AU for an urgent, credible & independent investigation into what happened. Statement via @MOFASomalia: Somalia accuses Ethiopia of “provocative attempt” to “obstruct” the delegation of President @HassanSMohamud from attending the AU Summit.“The action breaches all diplomatic and international protocols,” a statement from Somalia Ministry of Foreign Affairs published
The Memorandum of Understanding Ethiopia has signed with Somaliland changes Somalia’s borders, President @HassanSMohamud tells heads of state at the AU Summit in Addis Ababa, Saturday. In his speech, @HassanSMohamud said Somalia is “threatened by annexation of part of it” by the signing of the MoU. He appealed to the AU to take a “clear stance” on the matter. Ethiopia and Somaliland defended the MoU signed on Jan 1 which will lease 20km of sea to Ethiopia in return for recognition according to Somaliland Officials. Ethiopia previously denied it plans to annex parts of Somalia
Al Shabab militants have reportedly foiled an operation by Somali special forces backed by US troops in Mubarak area, some 7km away from Awdhegle town in Lower Shabelle region. At least one civilian woman was wounded as reported by Somalimemo, an al Shabab-mouth-piece
Al-Shabaab claims it carried out an attack on a Somali National Army (SNA) post on the outskirts of Afgooye in the Lower Shabelle region, killing several soldiers & capturing weapons, ammunition, equipment, ID cards, & documents
Al-Shabaab insurgents claimed an ambush of a Kenyan police Land Cruiser 4WD vehicle on the road between Nairobi & Mandera County:5 ay önce
Al-Shabaab insurgents claimed an ambush of a Kenyan police Land Cruiser 4WD vehicle on the road between Nairobi & Mandera County:
The United Arab Emirates said four of its troops and a Bahraini officer were killed while training the Somali army, in an attack claimed by Islamist militant group al-Shabaab
US condemns AS attack on a military camp in the capital Mogadishu targeting Emirati military advisers that killed three members of the UAE armed forces and Bahraini officer.
IS-Somalia claims it targeted a police vehicle in Karaan, Mogadishu yesterday with an IED causing 6 casualties:
Reuters: At least 10 people were killed as a result of an explosion in the Somali capital, Mogadishu
There have been reports of explosions in Mogadishu’s main Bakara market, causing casualties, Tuesday.There are conflicting reports on what caused the explosions with some witnesses suggesting explosive devices to be the cause, contradicting earlier reporting that hinted mortars to be the cause
Somalia’s National Intel Agency has announced shutting down 14 militant affiliated websites.The agency @HSNQ_NISA said the effort took months and involved collecting data, investigation and identifying people behind the registration of the websites. This comes a day after NISA shut down nearly 20 alleged al-Shabaab Whatsapp groups
Somalia intel agency shuts down WhatsApp groups allegedly affiliated with militants.Office of internet safety at Somalia’s national intel agency @HSNQ_NISA has reported shutting down nearly 20 WhatsApp group chats used by “Khawarij” members to intimidate the public
UNSC confirms Mauritania & Bahrain & Algeria sent letters to the Security Council on the 9th of January regarding the violation Somalia’s Sovereignty. “On 9 January, Mauritania, in its capacity as Chair of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), sent a letter to the Council, which stressed the need to respect Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to safeguard security, peace, and stability in the region. On 12 January, Bahrain, Chair of the Group of Arab States at the UN, also sent a letter to the Council (S/2024/57) conveying the position of the League of Arab States (LAS) on the matter. The LAS rejected the MoU and stated that such actions “violate international law and jeopardise the overall territorial integrity of the Somali state”
.@USAfricaCommand's Gen Michael Langley was in Somalia this week, meeting with Somali President Hasan Sheikh Mohamud & with LtGen Sam Okiding, force commander for the African Transition Mission, in Mogadishu
US airstrike in Somalia vs lShabbab this past Sunday (January 21) @USAfricaCommand says the strike -aprox. 35 km NE of Kismayo- was carried out the strike on the alQaida affiliate at the request of the Somali government Initial assessment is 3 Shabbab fighters killed
US forces killed three al Shabaab militants in a “self-defense” airstrike on Jan. 21 in Somalia, per @USAfricaCommand. Strike was at the request of the Somali government
Somalia Foreign Ministry: No space for mediation unless Ethiopia retracts its illegal MoU and reaffirms the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia, the foreign ministry of Somalia said in response to an @AUC_PAPS statement on Wednesday which proposed that former Nigeria president Olusegun Obasanjo to be dispatch to start dialogue between the two countries. In that statement, @AUC_PAPS called for the preservation of the unity, territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of member states, but Somalia said it has not violated the territorial integrity of Ethiopia.
Somalia Civil Aviation Authorit forced Ethiopian airlines to exit Somalian airspace
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Egyptian Foreign Minister: Ethiopia has become a source of chaos in the region
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Egyptian FM Sameh Shoukry affirms Egypt’s full support for Somalia, calls for respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity, warns against the consequences of Ethiopia’s unilateral policies that violate the rules of international law
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FM Shoukry also stressed that Egypt will spare no effort in supporting Somalia, as coordination is underway to provide the Somali side with the necessary training and support for its cadres in a way that enables it to achieve sovereignty over its entire territories
USCENTCOM Seizes Iranian Advanced Conventional Weapons Bound for Houthis. On 11 January 2024, while conducting a flag verification, U.S. CENTCOM Navy forces conducted a night-time seizure of a dhow conducting illegal transport of advanced lethal aid from Iran to resupply Houthi forces in Yemen
At least three people were killed when a lone suicide bomber blew himself up at a cafe shop near the municipal government HQs in Mogadishu. No group says it has carried out Tuesday's explosion, but such attacks are often claimed by Al Shabab
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US Central Command confirms the loss of 2 Marines off the coast of Somalia
SPA Agency: Saudi Arabia affirms its great concern for the unity of the Federal Republic of Somalia and its sovereignty over its entire territory
IGAD chairperson, and Djiboutian leader calls for an urgent IGAD summit on Ethiopia-Somalia tensions, and ongoing SudanCrisis on 18 January. The summit will take place on the sidelines of the #NAMSummitUg2024