19 July 2024
6 month ago
Reuters, from Ambrei Maritime Security Company: Armed men board a cargo ship as it sails southeast of Eil, Somalia.
6 month ago
Egypt’s President @AlsisiOfficial received phone calls from Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Greece's PM @kmitsotakis on Wednesday
Arab league give statement siding with Somalia sovereignty and condemning Ethiopian government
Regional body IGAD calls on Ethiopia and Somalia to de-escalate, find amicable solution.IGAD makes no reference or criticism of the Somaliland-Ethiopia deal
“The European Union would like to remind the importance of respecting the unity, the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Somalia. This is key for the peace and stability of the entire Horn of Africa region,” - statement
Diplomatic firestorm triggered by New Year Ethiopia-Somaliland deal still raging. Somali MPs meet in emergency session. PM Hamza Barre appeals for calm, unity, reiterates "we shall defend our land". Reports Mogadishu recalling its ambo from Addis
Somali government: The Ethiopian agreement with "Somaliland" is rejected as it threatens peace and stability
Today, 20 December 2023, ATMIS, handed over Qorillow Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Hirshabelle State to @SNAForce (SNA)
7 month ago
Senior al-Shabaab commander involved in organising attacks targeted by U.S. drone - Somali government says. The targeted militant has not been identified but @SONNALIVE reported the operation took place in the Middle Jubba region, Sunday
7 month ago
United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations has received a report from authorities the boarded vessel is adrift in position 1158N 06120E, approximately 700nm east of Bosaso, Somalia. At present all crew are reported as safe. Further updates to follow.
7 month ago
United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations has received a report of a distress call heard over VHF of a vessel being boarded by unknown persons in the vicinity of 1203N 06120E, approximately 700nm east of Bossaso, Somalia. Authorities investigating.
Police in Mogadishu have arrested three women who filmed themselves torturing a man they had invited into a house in the Waberi district this week
7 month ago
Turkey has issued an international arrest warrant for the son of Somalia's president, after he allegedly ran over a motorcycle courier, who later died. A police report said Mohammed Hassan Cheikh Mohamud collided with the courier in broad daylight in Istanbul.Police…
Somalia, Ethiopia ink new defense agreement
Police in Mogadishu say two suspected al-Shabaab would-be-attackers were killed tonight by the explosives they were transporting in a tuktuk; a third suspect was apprehended.
Pentagon initially assesses the five individuals detained by the USS Mason in aftermath of attempted hijacking of M/V Central Park are Somali
8 month ago
Ethiopian troops have fired four mortar rounds in eastern Bardale town, with reports indicating that the shelling was targeting Al Shabab-held areas. The bombardment sent a wave of shock among locals
According to State media, the govt troops “neutralised” a lone suicide bomber who tried to enter the base. Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for the attack. The group also claimed the explosion killed seven soldiers and injured 26: Suspected suicide bombing reported outside the 77 military barracks on Mogadishu’s Industrial Road, early Monday - reports
Russian Aviation Agency: Protesters removed from Dagestan Airport and a decision to close it until November 6
8 month ago
President Erdoğan met with Somali President Mahmud. In the closed-door meeting, Minister of National Defense Yaşar Güler, Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır and the Somali delegation were also present.
An explosion which appears to be an IED blast was reported in Mogadishu targeting a vehicle carrying a government official in Waberi district near the seaport. So far, there is no report about causalities. More details will be added to this story
Al-Shabaab uses Katyusha rockets in shelling Mogadishu: The United Nations Envoy to Somalia @CatrionaLaing1 told the UN Security Council today that Al-Shabaab has “increased the use of 107mm rockets, particularly in Mogadishu.”
Somalia has rejected an appeal from Ethiopia to enter into talks with PM Abiy Ahmed, who warned that his country’s lack of access to a Red Sea port is a potential source of future conflict
US offering reward of up to $5 million for info leading to alShabaab deputy leader Abukar Ali Adan Per @Rewards4Justice, was previously the group's military chief & also has associations with alQaida affiliates AQAP & AQIM
Somali TV journalist killed in al-Shabaab suicide bombing in Mogadishu tonight, police said. Abdifatah Moalim Nur who was the director of Somali Cable Television in Mogadishu was fatally injured in the attack. The local press rights group condemned the killing
Somali gov says 20 al Shabab militants were killed in an airstrike targeting several vehicles carrying food and military supplies in Shabelow area, south of Mudug region9 month ago
Somali gov says 20 al Shabab militants were killed in an airstrike targeting several vehicles carrying food and military supplies in Shabelow area, south of Mudug region
Al Shabab claims to have killed 58 SNA soldiers and wounded 71 others while siezing 3 vehicles following a heavy fighting between @SNAForce and the militants near Wasil town. No word from @SNAForce over the claims
Suspected mortar attack targets Camp TURKSOM which is a Turkish military base & training centre in Mogadishu, according to security sources,2 mortar shells landed inside the camp.Earlier today,one person was killed & 2 others were wounded in a mortar attack in Mogadishu
The Somali Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) has apprehended a suspected al-Shabab-linked arms smuggler just five months after intelligence forces seized two illicit shipments containing military hardware and explosive materials at the Mogadishu seaport
10 month ago
Ethiopia military claims 462 al-Shabab fighters killed in the militant attack on ENDF in Somalia’s Bakool region on Sunday