Map. History of Somalia conflict

14 Ekim 2019
Jubbaland security minister Abdirashid Hassan Janan arrives in Mogadishu, receives warm welcome by top govt officials. Mr Janan is one of the close friends with President Ahmed Madoobe, sources indicating that the govt wants to woo the minister ahead of Jubbaland election.
USAFRICOM confirms U.S. airstrike against Al-Shabaab in Kunyo-Barrow on Wednesday.
The US military conducted an airstrike targeting al-Shabaab militants near Jilib, Somalia, Monday, killing one militant according to @USAfricaCommand. This is the 45th reported US airstrike in Somalia of 2019
3 ay önce
A Puntland security officer was shot dead by unidentified men armed with pistols in Bosaso town short while ago, the culprits escaped from the scene. Both AS and ISIS fighters are active in the region, however no group has claimed the responsibility.
Somalia: ISIS claims targeted assassination of a Somali Policeman in Mogadishu
Somaliland suspends the operations of two TV channels named Horyaal and Eryal, blaming the interference of the Security forces and the nation. The two TV channels which are based in Somaliland have received a letter from minister for information.
Somaliland Freed the detained MP Mohamed Ahmed Dhakool
Two militants were killed after an IED they were setting up apparently detonated prematurely in Barire town, some 60km west of Mogadishu
Somalia's ministry of health calls for calm as public concerns heighten after Ebola virus spread to East Africa, first in Uganda: "There's nothing to be afraid of Ebola outbreak in the country".
Death toll from Mogadishu explosions climb to 11 people, with 30 others injured. Turkey and UN slams bombing claimed by AlShabaab in Somalia
Somalia police forces chief Bashir Abdi Mohamed Goobe confirms the death of 9 people including govt officials in Today's coordinated attacks on two heavily fortified security checkpoints in Mogadishu, AlShabaab says it killed more than 31 people mostly govt soldiers.
Police give update on casualties from Mogadishu: Commander of the Police General Bashir Abdi Mohamed says 9 people were killed 25 injured in two SVBIEDs with both suicide bombers killed. The suspect arrested by police was an accomplice in 2nd SVBIED (not the driver) per Cmdr.
AlShabaab claims resp of today's twin car bomb attacks in Mogadishu, Saying the have targeted 2 heavily fortified security checkpoints leading to the sensitive locations like Adan Adde Airport and Somali parliament building, without giving number of casualties
A bomb hits a vechicle with 11 Kenyan police near the border with Somalia, killing several of them: police spokesman
Slain police commander of Hiran region Major Mohamed Maow Halane was killed near Beledweyne town by other security forces on Tuesday. Sources accuse militias loyal to ousted Hiran governor Yusuf Dabaged of being behind the killing.