Map. History of Somalia conflict

23 November 2017
China donated 2 million U.S. dollars to @UNICEF to help reach 15,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition in Somalia
Galmudug state MP Mohamed Abdi Guled has been killed in Mogadishu after security forces opened fire on his vehicle near Parliament Buildings
Bodyguards for federal MP shot dead Galmudug regional state MP Mohamed Abdi Guled near the presidential palace in Mogadishu. Somalia
Somali regional MP dies in a shooting in Mogadishu after the bodyguards of another MP mistook his car as a security threat and open fire. The MP was fatally wounded, doctors later pronounced him dead in hospital: sources
Six suspected pirates to be transferred from Somalia to Seychelles
Al Shabab military spokesman Abdi Aziz Abu Mus'ab says the reports that US airstrike hit our training camp was baseless, even one single of our fighters was not killed in Bay region
A U.S air-strike in Somalia killed at least 100 Al-Shabab militants at a training camp in Bay region, camp is located in the strategic mountainous area east of Dinsor
No word from Al Shabab officials. US Africom says its 29th airstrike against the group since the start of 2017
US military launches airstrike in Somalia Tuesday killing ‘more than’ 100 al-Shabaab fighters at training camp 125 miles NW of Mogadishu
Suspected US airstrikes reportedly hit Al-Shabab 'training camp' near Dodale village, Bay region, Tuesday. Sources say the camp locates in a mountainous area between Dodale and Kanaanax, east of Dinsor.
As a result of an airstrike this morning 90 - 100 Al-Shabaab militants were killed a training camp in Bur Elade, Dinsor district, Bay region – Somali Minister for Information
Muse Buhi elected the 5th Somaliland president
Somaliland presidential election was fear and free – commission
Clashes between Al-Shabaab fighters and local clan militias erupts in Maroodile area outside of Beledweyne town on Tuesday morning, sources. Somalia
Three candidates have contested for the 13th November elections; Muse Bihi of Kulmiye,the leading party; Abdirahman Irro Wadani party and Feisal A Warabe,a veteran politician who contested all the elections. he is the leader of UCID party
Somaliland's electoral commission is going to announce the final results of 13th November elections
Kenya: Intelligence report suggests that Kenyan Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Iman is likely to leave the terrorist organisation
IS claims assasination of a Somali police officer in Afgooye, lower Shebelle Somalia
IS claims killing a Somali policeman with gunshot in the city of Afgooye
Every single Al Shabab militant terrorizes 850 Somali civilians according to analysis
Al Shabab publishes poster of its objectives in Somalia
Pentagon: 'More than' 500 US troops now on ground in Somalia. 28 airstrikes there in 2017, but senior Pentagon official says no 'ramp up' of operations
Gunmen attacks a security checkpoint at Ceymiska village in Mogadishu, casualties remains unknown. Somalia
Heavy gunshots reported in Burco in Somaliland as Abdirahman Irro, the leader of opposition party objected the election, citing that there is corruption. Wadani supporters have taken to Burco streets. Tension is higher and to erupt Violence is feared - report
Al Shabab claims to have attacked a Kenyan military base in Lamu, Kenya -Al Shabab channels
Somalian finance minister will announce his resignation soon. He has left from the cabinet meeting – source
U.S. mounts air strike against al Shabaab militants in Somalia
[email protected]: the US conducted an airstrike in Somalia against al-Shabaab on Tuesday, "killing several militants" 60mi NW of Mogadishu
Somalian Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Minister Dr. Maryan Qasim @DrMaryanQasim resigns
@SomaliPM is off to Barawe, a former Al shabab stronghold town in Lower Shabeelle province. Mortar attack targeted an airport in the town on Wednesday morning.