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25 September 2018
Two separate IED explosions reported in Mogadishu on Monday. First explosion targeted a vehicle in Odweyne area killing two people; second explosion which also hit another vehicle occurred at 21-October road, details of casualties not yet known: witnesses
A witness tells he has counted the dead bodies of three civilians at the scene of the attack in Mogadishu
Mogadishu explosion: At least four killed, number of others wounded in suicide car bomb at a key intersection near several main installations
Suicide car bomb goes off near Somalia's parliament
Large explosion took place outside Sayid hotel near Somalia's interior ministry compound in Mogadishu. security forces and Ambulances have arrived at the scene
Footage shows immediate aftermath of Mogadishu car bomb at Maka Al-Mukarrama Road
Al Shabab claims the responsibility of a car bombing attack that took place near Wehlie hotel where 14 civilians were killed and more than 21 others wounded im Mogadishu
14 dead in a busy street blast in the Somali capital Mogadishu
Somalia radio Daslan @DalsanFM reported: •Somali Police sources say at least 5 people killed in Mogadishu blast. •Ambulance sources put the number higher.
A witness has told he saw the dead bodies of 8 people outside Wehlie hotel in Mogadishu
A massive explosion from a remote-controlled vehicle-borne explosive device kills at least 6 people, most of them civilians including women street vendors according to security sources. The RCVBIED was parked along the main Maka Al-Mukarrama road opposite Hotel Weheliye, sources.
Suicide explosion targets Wehlie hotel in Mogadishu. Casualties reported
Multiple casualties reported after suspected car bomb exploded at Mogadishu's Maka Al-Mukarrama Road; street vendors among the casualties, witnesses.
Somali army backed by KDF ground and air forces kill 4 militants in an assault against AlShabab-held area north of Elwak, near the Somali-Kenyan border.
Gunfight between SNA forces and Al Shabab militants reported in Mogadishu's Kahda district
Two civilians were killed seven soldiers wounded after clash between two units of the Somali security forces, per witnesses. Army chief Abdiweli Gorod tells @voasomali troops shot each other "by mistake"
Two people dead in deadly internal firefight between two units within Somali security forces in Mogadishu
Reports of deadly internal firefight between two units within the Somali security forces in Mogadishu: Residents
Two Al-Shabab fighters killed three injured in a fresh U.S. airstrike near Mubarak village, Lower Shabelle region on Monday: @USAfricaCommand
Two people are reported to have been killed in a gun battle between UAE trained forces and SNA forces in Mogadishu's Tarabunka Junction. Seven others reportedly wounded
Rare IS report from Mogadishu, usually their claims come from Puntland and Afgooye
Boat carrying fuel, cars and other items from Dubai goes up in flames near Bosaso port. Police say a short circuit in the engine room likely caused the fire. (Courtesy of @Abdiqanihassan)6 month ago
Boat carrying fuel, cars and other items from Dubai goes up in flames near Bosaso port. Police say a short circuit in the engine room likely caused the fire. (Courtesy of @Abdiqanihassan)
6 month ago
Rescue efforts underway after a commercial boat caught fire near Bosaso port; fate of crew unclear: Reports
A Somali military officer named as Yusuf shot dead by gunmen in Mogadishu. The killers fled – Witness Somalia
International community issue statement expressing "grave concern" over new political crisis, urges Parliament and the Executive to use "constitutional and peaceful means to resolve political differences". [Statement attached]
6 month ago
At least one soldier was killed and two civilians wounded when gunmen suspected being fighters from AlShabaab ambushed a security checkpoint near Bosaso port. Somalia
Somalia's Shebab claims to have killed 7 African Union soldiers in an ambush attack in Lower Shabelle – Radio Andulus Somalia
Proposed no-confidence motion against the speaker of Parliament has "failed" to get enough support after 16 signatories reversed their decision leaving proponents with 91 signatures, 1 short of the required number - MPs.
A 100+ Somali MPs signed up a motion of no-confidence in the speaker of Lower House of Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari - multiple sources. MPs accused Jawari of impeding constitutional review process, power abuse and suppressing opinions of lawmakers; Jawari says move is illegal.
Photos: Pres @M_Farmaajo observes graduation of about 600 Darawish paramilitary forces. Mogadishu
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