21 September 2021
The Union of Candidates in Somalia accuses the president and his allies of obstructing free elections
Opposition leaders say Govt wants them assassinated Govt says opposition wanted armed insurrection. Jubaland wants @M_Farmaajo out of election process And in a tell-all speech, Puntland leader says @M_Farmaajo intends to cling to power by force
The Somali govt criticised contents of a statement made by the UAE on Mogadishu violence on Friday, asked UAE to explain "offensive" remarks and apologise for the "error". The letter referred to "excessive use of force" and described Somali govt as "interim government"
Former two-time Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke calls for an independent fact-finding commission to investigate the violence in Mogadishu on Feb 19
The Gulf Cooperation Council calls for calm in Somalia and for resolving differences by peaceful means
Ambulance workers in Mogadishu say government military blocked them from attending to victims wounded in Friday's gunfire
Somali military sources: 4 killed and 7 wounded in clashes between security forces and the guards of the opposition presidential candidate coalition
UN in Somalia says "deeply concerned" by last night's armed clashes in Mogadishu and shooting today; calls for calm and restraint; says clashes underscore urgent need for Federal Government and Federal Member State leaders to come together to reach political agreement
Additional footage of gunfire in Mogadishu this morning
Former PM @HassanAKhaire reacting to the shooting earlier today says he and several other candidates and MPs survived an "assassination attempt". Federal govt has not responded to the statement published by @HassanAKhaire on his Facebook page
Security forces fire live ammunition towards protesters in Mogadishu this morning. Current President Farmaajo is refusing to step down after his term ended
Gun shots in Mogadishu early on Friday in Mogadishu, a day opposition leaders called for a big rally to demand holding elections. Opposition say they don't recognise @M_Farmaajo as President after his term ended on February 8
Smoke rising from a building just outside the perimeter of Mogadishu airport after reportedly being hit by an RPG according to the person who recorded video clip received
Renewed clashes in central Mogadishu between security forces and guards of the coalition of Somali presidential candidates
Gunfire breaks out as former PM @HassanAKhaire is seen leading protesters at the airport road
Somalia: The opposition calls on the government to lift the ban on demonstrations in Mogadishu and warns it of the consequences
Reuters: Intense gunfire in central Mogadishu, Somalia, after police closed roads to prevent anti-government demonstrations
Photos from Mogadishu: This is Bondhere street blocked off by a military vehicle. The Unknown Soldier's monument is seen in the background, that is where the rally was planned to take place. To the west of the site in the vicinity of K4, gunshots were heard a short while ago
Infor minister says "One of our SNA posts was attacked by armed militia. Prior to this attack, we received word that there was an attack imminent on our bases in Mogadishu, militia leader threatened to take over parts of the city. Our brave soldiers swiftly repulsed these groups"
Singer Farah Sidow Farah has died in Mogadishu, reports. Farah sang about love, patriotism and has songs encouraging agricultural production and work
7 month ago
Al-Shabaab were also able to counter 3 attempts by the Somali forces to regain control of the Jaideri town, and they carried out several mortar shells on the forces' bases in the city of Baadween.
7 month ago
Al-Shabaab fighters took control of the town of Jaideri, located 18 kilometers north of the city of Baadwin, in the state of Mudug, central Somalia, following a large-scale attack on the town that killed 5 Somali forces and seized weapons and military equipment
7 month ago
The US Navy confiscates smuggled weapons off the coast of Somalia
7 month ago
Al-Shabaab fighters raid two military bases for the Djiboutian forces in the cities of Boloberdi and Jalalqsi in Hiran state, central Somalia
Kenya battles devastating locust infestation. Kenyan farmers are overwhelmed by a swarm of desert locusts as the East African country fights its second wave of pests since the start of the year7 month ago
Kenya battles devastating locust infestation. Kenyan farmers are overwhelmed by a swarm of desert locusts as the East African country fights its second wave of pests since the start of the year
Deputy Speaker of the Senate accuses @M_Farmaajo of signing a resolution into law without the approval of Upper House. The resolution on appointing 7 of the 9 members of the Judicial Services Commission was approved by the Lower House but not the Senate
Turkish ir Force A400 TUAF226 inbound Djibouti from Somalia
Gunmen shot dead two women in Mogadishu's Denyiile district on Sunday morning
SNA radio reported that the US-trained Danab forces seized a vehicle loaded with explosives in Afgoye district in lower Shabeelle region
Security forces intercepted a VBIED this morning at a checkpoint, destroying it before it could reach the parliament building in Mogadishu. Reports say 7 wounded but none killed in the blast
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