Map. History of Somalia conflict

25 September 2018
Four soldiers killed and scores injured in ambush attack by AlShabaab near Balcad town, some 31km north of Mogadishu - Witness
At least four Govt soldiers killed some injured in Wednesday's Al-Shabab ambush near the town of Bal'ad, local sources
Several Govt soldiers killed in new Al-Shabab ambush near Bal'ad town, witness. Militants have reportedly hit a military vehicle with an RPG leading to gunfight. Attack took place just outside the village of Il-baq about 40km north Mogadishu
Deaths feared as AlShebab fighters attacked on KDF and Jubaland forces' bases in Qoqani area, some 70Km from the border – Radio Andlus
Qatar donates 30 buses, two cranes to Mogadishu regional authority, officials
Sources close to the Al Jazeera: UAE closes Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Mogadishu
Major security alert reported at Halane camp in Mogadishu housed by foreign diplomats. Security force presence and restrictions on movement may be put in place at short notice – Media reports
Somali FM @MinisterMOFA tells that talks between the leaders of UAE and Somalia are underway to resolve recent diplomatic spat; he says there is no third party involved in mediation between the two countries
Somali president @M_Farmaajo has arrived in Saudi to attend Arab League summit in Riyadh
U.S. Conducts Airstrike in Support of the Federal Government of Somalia -5 month ago
U.S. Conducts Airstrike in Support of the Federal Government of Somalia -
U.S. conducts new airstrike in Somalia on April 11 near Jana Abdalle, northwest of Kismayo5 month ago
U.S. conducts new airstrike in Somalia on April 11 near Jana Abdalle, northwest of Kismayo
Bomb blast at packed Somalia stadium kills 5 football fans as al-Shabab claims responsibility.
Five soccer fans killed eight injured after IED blast at a stadium in the Indian Ocean town of Barawe, officials, some of the players among the injured. The Al-Shabab militant group claimed responsibility for planting the device.
Speaker Jawari denies social media reports that he received "millions" in return 4 resignation; says that would have been disrespect to dignity of his membership and parliament. "There were witnesses during my conversation with pres, we agreed to work together for common interest".
Somali Defense Minister: End the role of the UAE in the training and management of units of the army
Somalia rejects UAE condemnation over the seizure of $9.6m. A senior official tells @voasomali UAE Amb refused bags to be examined w metal detectors, electronic scanning, or canine sniffing with o opening or detaining the bag which was a "simple solution" to the problem
Somalia says the MoU the UAE is referring to has expired in 2016. "In the situation on April 8, the 3 bags were no longer inviolable and could be subjected to inspection," Somali officials tells @voasomali
UAE Foreign Ministry condemns Somali Security authorities for seizing funds Abu Dhabi says were "allocated" to support Somali army
The UAE condemned Somalia for intercepting an Emirati civilian plane and confiscating the money that was on board the aircraft
Mohamed Osman Jawari officially announces his resignation as Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, says he decided to compromise and return his responsibility as Speaker to the House for the interest of the Somalis
Heavy clash erupts as Somali soldiers exchanging gunfire in Mogadishu
5 month ago
Deadly airstrike hit ISIL group's fighters near Qandala town – Media reports
5 month ago
Fresh airstrike reported in Somalia's northeast targeting areas controlled by pro-Islamic State militants, according to local officials. If confirmed it will be the first strike against the group this year.
Speaker of Somalia's Parliament Resigns
New US strike against Al-Shabab kills three militants near Jilib town; technical vehicle destroyed, Thursday: @USAfricaCommand
U.S. Conducts Airstrike in Support of the Federal Government of Somalia
Second blast heard around Banadir hospital in the capital Mogadishu. Witnesses say security forces was trying to stop a suspected car before it exploded
A spokesman for Banadir regional Admin says that three NISA soldiers have been wounded in the blast in Mogadishu. The blast took place after the security forces stopped the suspected car at a security check point before it exploded- Witnesses
Four people killed in twine suicide explosions in Mogadishu
Large explosion heard moments ago along Mogadishu airport road near KM4 junction, the country's capital
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