Map. History of Somalia conflict

20 January 2018
Somali security forces have raided the residence of a former presidential candidate and a fierce critic of the current govt @AAbdishakur; early reports say Abdishakur and another politician identified as Sayid Ali were both arrested: security sources
Somalia Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir accuses two lawmakers of "treason", asks parliament to remove their immunity for prosecution: local media.
Traditionally, men do not speak about FGM but today, as a religious leader, I want to convey clear to you this harmful practice is not holy religion Islam. sheikh Abdirizak Said.
US suspension of military aid to Somalia comes after its inability to account for provided assistance of food, fuel and weapons
U.S. suspends aid to Somalia's battered military over graft
President @musebiihi has appointed his new cabinet that consist of 18 ministers
The newly elect president of Somaliland @musebiihi appoints his new cabinet one day after his inauguration ceremony
Somalia officials have said civilians, including children, were killed. The U.S. military will investigate again
At least thirteen policemen killed by Al-Shabab bomb attack against a Mogadishu police academy
Al Shabab has claimed to have killed 27 police officers in a suicide attack on a police training camp in Mogadishu - local media
Death toll from today's suicide explosion in Mogadishu has risen to 18 - official source
Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack on police academy in Mogadishu
Al Shabab claims to have killed several (no figure) police officers in a suicide blast at General Kahiye academy on Thursday morning
Four people were killed in a suicide bombing at a police academy in the Somali capital
A suicide bomber posing a police officer blows himself up at a General Kahiye police academy in Mogadishu
Al Shabab releases the first pictures and video from Beled Hawo battle1 month ago
Al Shabab releases the first pictures and video from Beled Hawo battle
1 month ago
Local media is reporting that suspected US airstrike targets Al Shabab positions near Jalalaqsi town, Somalia. Casualties unknown
New Somaliland president @musebiihi has been sworn in for a five year term; minister's from regional countries, MPs and diplomats have attended the inauguration ceremony in Hargeisa; he won the Nov 13 election with 55% of the popular vote.
1 month ago
Ethiopia finalises construction of Genale-Dawa Hydro electric power dam. (believe tributaries that will be supplying this dam are the very same ones that flow towards the border with Somalia to make Jubba river)
US AFRICOM: U.S. Conducts Airstrike in Support of the Federal Government of Somalia
1 month ago
A U.S. military drone strike on a vehicle carrying explosives in Somalia has removed “an imminent threat to the people of Mogadishu” by the al-Shabab extremist group, the U.S. Africa Command said
Pictures show a mini bus carrying bananas that was hit a suspected US airstrike in Mubarak village, Somalia on Tuesday morning. Casualties unknown
Bomb kills bomb disposal expert in Somalia's Puntland, al Shabaab suspected
Mogadishu's stabilisation forces have nabbed a lorry carrying explosives at Teleh junction
Somalia: Another airstrike has been reported in Lower Shabelle region, overnight. Reports say it occurred in Mubarak village, near Barire, an area controlled by Al-Shabab. Unclear who was targeted in this operation.
Somali television journalist killed in a car bombing in the capital Mogadishu on Monday
Somali President @M_Farmaajo lands in Istanbul for OIC Summit1 month ago
Somali President @M_Farmaajo lands in Istanbul for OIC Summit
Two students have been arrested at Plasma university in connection with Al Shabab militants
Somalia security forces have stormed a private university campus in Mogadishu. two studensts have been arrested
Somali journalist, Mohamed Ibrahim Gabow working with London-based Kalsan TV killed after bomb fitted into his vehicled exploded in Mogadishu, Media colleague confirmed.