19 June 2021
It's propaganda
Somalia: AQ/al Shabaab spreads another statement on attack against US military base in Baladogle claiming killing 121 US soldiers and a dozen Israeli Forces.
U.S., Federal Government of Somalia respond to al-Shabaab attack
Video purportedly shows Al-Shabaab VBIED blown up by a missile near Ballidogle airport, Monday. Four VBIEDs were involved according to Somali military commander
Italian and Somali security forces are seen near armoured vehicles at the scene of an attack on an Italian military convoy in Mogadishu, Somalia on Monday. Some damaged vehicles and infrastructure can be seen in the images. (REUTERS)
The national army radio is reporting that Somali troops with support from US partners repelled the Al-Shabaab attack on Ballidogle airport
For the 2nd time in few months, al-Shabaab has targeted an Italian convoy in Somalia with a car bomb. This time, the attack happened near Jaalle Siyad Military Academy in Mogadishu. No causalities among our soldiers
Al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia attacks U.S. military base
Explosions heard in the vicinity of Ballidogle airport, the base for US troops training Somali special forces - sources
US imposes sanctions on several Kenyans over alleged support to terrorist groups, among them is pro-Al-Shabaab cleric Sheikh Hassaan Hussein
Al-Shabaab group claims responsibility for attack on vehicle carrying Turkish Maarif Foundation personnel in Somalia's capital
Reports of an Al-Shabaab attack on a security checkpoint in the vicinity of Bal'ad town, 30km north of Mogadishu; casualties reported
Turkish vehicle hit by explosion in Mogadishu
At least one person injured after a bomb explosive fitted in Turkish vehicle exploded near KM5 area in Mogadishu
Somali military tribunal chief Hassan Ali "Shuute" survives an assassination attempt after IED attack in the outskirt of Mogadishu, Reports say roadside blast hit his convoy while he was returning from El-Sanini Military base in Somalia's L/Shabelle region. - local media
Heard an explosion in Mogadishu
ISIS claims targeted assassination of a Somali policeman in Mogadishu yesterday
US AFRICOM: Somali, U.S. forces engage insurgents in support of the Federal Government of Somalia
Former Hirshabelle business minister Sabrie Osman Tohobow, current Deputy regional finance chief Abdullahi Shitaawe and a humanitarian worker identified as Hassan Baldoos among the dead following a massive roadside explosion in Middle Shabelle region, today, sources
The Mayor of Mogadishu, confirms that his administration will re-open the closed roads in the Somali capital. On Thursday night, Omar Filish appointed a seven-member committee to assess and work on the re-opening of the roads. Most of the roads have been remain closure
1 year ago
Reports from Badhan indicating that Puntland security forces arrest Abdirahman Ahmed Somaliland's deputy governor of Badhan region.
1 year ago
At least 5 people, including African Union peacekeeping mission forces in Somalia (AMISOM), were killed and several others wounded when a double roadside blasts targeted AMISOM convoy in Somalia's Middle Shabelle region on Sunday, local media reported
Bomb explosion heard in Mogadishu
Sec. Esper gave AFRICOM's Gen. Townsend 90 days to assess the next drawdown of ~300 US troops from Africa per pool producer @Elizabeth_McLau
Somalia: Former director of Hirshabelle presidency office defects to AlShabaab
Security forces intercepted a car bomb heading to Mogadishu, a militant driving a car bomb tried to speedy through the junction of Ex-control Afgooye but the vehicle exploded after security forces fired on it, several casualties reported. Somalia
At least 3 people killed in suicide explosion in Mogadishu
Director of the Somali military hospital Khadija Iman and her driver were injured in a roadside bomb in Taleh of Hodon district in Mogadishu.
Former MP and faction leader Omar Mohamud Mohamed appointed as Mayor of Mogadishu; he replaces late Mayor Abdirahman Omar Osman "Eng Yarisow" who died on August 1 following a fatal injury from Al-Shabaab attack - statement
Jubaland regional MPs re-elected Ahmed Mohamed Islaam known as Ahmed Madoobe as president of regional. Mr Madoobe obtained 56 votes out of 74 votes, three candidates were competing for the top job of the region and they accepted the result
U.S., Federal Government of Somalia target al-Shabaab with airstrike
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