Senior Somali military commander identified as Farhan Barkhadle has been killed in Mogadishu's Hodan district

Map. History of Somalia conflict

18 February 2018
1 week ago
A religious edict in Somaliland has banned some forms of FGM. Perpetrators will be punished and those undergoing the procedure will be compensated. Neighbourhood committees 'to be established' to oversee implementation.
Senior Somali military commander identified as Farhan Barkhadle has been killed in Mogadishu's Hodan district
1 week ago
Three soldiers + deputy police boss injured in gun-and-bomb attack in Bosaso town
1 week ago
A commercial ship carrying millions of dollars worth of cargo has run aground near Bosaso port in Puntland. The ship was said to have been contracted by Somali merchants who were importing food and supplies from the United Arab Emirates. Somalia
2 week ago
Al Shabab militants have recaptured El-Wak town in Somalia's Gedo province following the withdrawal of Somali national army forces on Friday morning
2 week ago
Reports of fierce fighting bw Somaliland and Puntland forces in Tukaraq town of Sool region. Casualties unknown
A Ugandan national who is said to be a chef has been shot dead inside UNICEF compound in Mogadishu. Attacker is believed to be a former security guard at the compound who was fired from the job, investigators arrived the scene, perpetrator 'escaped': security sources.
3 week ago
AlShabaab claims to have burned an armored vehicle carrying Ethiopian soldiers in explosion in Bardale town
Reports that a vehicle carrying Somali soldiers was the target of the blast,One civilian wounded-residents
Roadside explosion took place near Ex-Digfer hospital in Mogadishu's Hodan district- Sources
3 week ago
Explosion reported near Ex control Bal'ad just outside of Mogadishu- Witnesses says
A source close to the spokesman says the reports that Mr. Halane was put under house arrest in Mogadishu was false
Reports that former Mogadishu mayor spokesman Abdifatah Halane has been placed under house arrest in Mogadishu for unknown reason
Somalia lures defectors in new push against insurgents
3 week ago
At least 4 soldiers killed in bomb attack on military vehicle outside Mogadishu - Media reports
Armed men attacked a police station in Ghana's capital Accra, killing an officer, freeing unknown number of cell inmates: local media
Somali president sacks Mogadishu mayor, names replacement
4 week ago
A US military official tells me that US Special Operations Forces participated in a Jan. 18 Somali-led raid on an al-Shabaab camp in the Middle Shabelle region that helped rescue approx. 30 Somali child conscripts. US forces were in an advisory role
A plane carrying Somali prisoners from India has arrived at Mogadishu airport-witnesses
Plane carrying more than 40 Somalis released by India arrives at Mogadishu airport after negotiations between the two countries. They were part of 120 Somalis arrested by India navy after being suspected of involvement in piracy acts, some have served their jail terms.
US airstrike kills four Al Shabab militants near Kismaayo town on Thursday according to @USAfricaCommand
US airstrike targets alShabab near Kismayo Somalia, killing 4 militants per @USAfricaCommand. No civilians killed per officials4 week ago
US airstrike targets alShabab near Kismayo Somalia, killing 4 militants per @USAfricaCommand. No civilians killed per officials
US forces backed Somali commandos have destroyed an Al Shabab training camp in Lower Shabelle province, killing at least 10 militants
Somali maritime officer reportedly shot by his deputy in Mogadishu's seaport, his condition said to be 'life threatening': sources
1 month ago
At least three militants were killed in the attack on Daynunay, while 1 govt soldier was injured in Gofgudud Burey, per regional security source. Both bases locate in Bay region of Somalia
Heavy explosion heard in Wardhiigley district of Mogadishu few minutes ago.
Somali govt announces the death of singer Khadija Abdullahi Dalays in Canada this morning, she was 82. Delays was one of the first Somali artists to sign on a national radio.
1 month ago
The Somali national army radio is reporting that Danab special forces have 'destroyed' Al-Shabab militia outposts in Leego town area killing 10 militants on Friday. Leego remains one of the towns in Lower Shabelle region controlled by the group since Aug when AU troops vacated it
Turkey, Somalia sign economic partnership pact
1 month ago
Somali govt forces and Kenyan troops clashed in the Somali town of El-Wak at 7:30am this morning after mistaking each other respectively for Al-Shabab militants during patrol, leading to heavy exchange of gunfire, a Somali security officer was killed: residents