Kenyan army base hit by rockets in Somalia

Map. History of Somalia conflict

25 September 2018
2 month ago
Kenyan army base hit by rockets in Somalia
2 month ago
At least 17 people have been killed in fighting between militants from Somalia’s al Shabaab group and clan militias in the country’s central semi-autonomous region of Galmudug
2 month ago
The European Parliament calls on the UAE to immediately stop destabilizing Somalia and respect its sovereignty
2 month ago
Huge explosion hits Kenyan police soldiers in Lamu as Al-Shabaab claims to have killed 7 soldiers in bomb blast
Islamic State claimed killing 6 Somali policemen with an IED near the Bakara market in Mogadishu Somalia. This is the 60th overall claim for IS in Somalia and the 10th since June 2. This is also the second claimed IED in Mog since June 16 according to @LongWarJournal data
Seven injured by road-side bomb in Somalia's Mogadishu
At least 5 people injured in bomb explosion near cinema Nasri in Mogadishu's Hodan
At least two people injured in landline explosion near cinema Nasri in Hodan district, a short while ago: Security Source
Al Qaeda-linked group claims attack on French troops in Mali
Explosion reported around Siinay junction in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital
2 month ago
Al-Shabab bans plastic bags in areas under their control in Somalia
Al-Shabab bans plastic bags in areas under their control in Somalia
At least one soldier killed and six others injured in landmine explosion near Mogadishu - Radio Risaala reports
Roadside bomb explosion hits vehicle carrying regional officials near Mogadishu.
Dozens of Somalis deported from U.S. arrived at Mogadishu airport moments ago: Official
An attack by Somali and coalition forces in Jilib town area on Tuesday may have targeted Bashir Qorgab, a senior Al-Shabab figure with $5m bounty on his head according to a source. The source says Qorgab may be survived the attack
2 month ago
The Al-Shabab group is said to have denied reports of its leader's death. Somali Memo website said that it had contacted a "a top Al-Shabab official" who said that Ahmed Diriye is "alive and healthy".
Somali military official says Al-Shabab leader Ahmed Diriye, alias Abu Ubeidah, has died of cancer, according to Somali National Army Radio.
3 month ago
Migration workers in Somalia's Puntland region say hundreds of Ethiopian migrants have reached the region since last night. An estimated 7,000 Ethiopian migrants have arrived in Puntland since May according to an official with an independent migrant organisation
At least three killed in Al-Shabab ambush north of Bal'ad town, Monday: Source
Somali military say they've killed 7 Al-Shabab militants including a foreign fighter from Tanzania in an operation that led to seizure of the key Arare bridge N of Kismayo: Arare bridge is a strategic bridge ove Jubba river that is several miles away from Al-Shabab town of Jamame
Five dead after gunmen opened fire on a minibus northeast of Mogadishu, Monday
Somalia: ISIS claims killing a Somali policeman in Mogadishu
Somaliland govt condemns the attack in Addis Ababa and described as 'Act of terror'. MFA stated that Somaliland 'stands with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and its people'
UAE food aid arrives in Kismayo
3 month ago
Somali army radio is reporting that Al-Shabab Cmdr by the name "Aruuriyow" was killed in a joint operation by Somali and US forces in Arare area, north of Sanguni. The radio identifies Aruuriyow as AS Cmdr of Middle and Lower Jubba regions; it doesn't when operation took place.
Sound of loud explosion just heard in Mogadishu's Somali capital
Somali military claims to have killed 7 AlShabaab fighters in fighting near Kismayo town, saying 5 others soldiers were also injured in the clash. Somalia
Somalia: Isis claims to have destroyed a police vehicle with an IED in Mogadisho: 4 somali policemen were killed and 1 injured.
3 month ago
Two women injured after Somaliland army opened fire in Las Anod, the capital of the Sool region.
Another attack in Somalia today: Isis claims to have killed a Somali finance official in Mogadisho.
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